Why does Your State Need a School Nurse Consultant?

  • Liaison to state boards of education and nursing, other state agencies, and legislators on behalf of local school health programs.
  • Influence policy development ensuring quality school nursing services in the state.
  • Monitoring, interpreting, synthesizing and disseminating relevant information to schools associated with changes in health and medical care, school nursing practice, legislation, and legal issues that impact school health services and remove barriers to student’s access to education.
  • Technical assistance to local jurisdictions to address increasingly complex student health conditions found in schools.
  • Coordinating and securing state grants to assist local programs. 

Position Statement: State School Nurse Consultant Role  (July 2020)

Brief: Advancing Health, Equity, and Education: State School Nurse Consultant (July 2020)

Sample Job Description: State School Nurse Consultant (July 2020)

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